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Rediscovering the Deep and Ancestral Connection Between Humans and Nature

The VIVÊNCIA Somos Natureza aims to reconnect humans with the profound and ancestral connection to nature, recognizing through personal experience that we are an integral part of it. Through various dynamics and outdoor activities that allow for the experience of integration of the five senses and the five elements - water, earth, fire, air, and ether - participants will be invited to reconnect with the natural environment.

It is an experience of great value for every human being, strengthening physical and psychological well-being, spiritual development, and promoting awareness of the importance of environmental preservation and respect for Mother Earth.

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Vivencia Somos Natureza 2023 / prodction @marciofariasantos

Often, we live under the illusion that we are separate beings from nature, perceiving it as a material object with economic value (natural resource), losing sight of the fact that we are a whole with it. The "civilized" human exploits nature with a constant pursuit of economic growth, fostering the illusion of infinite progress in a finite world. Humans are the only species with the power to cause the extinction of other species and entire ecosystems, even to the point of risking self-destruction. We are the missing link in the delicate and fragile chain of life and species evolution. This alienation and disconnection have contributed to environmental and social problems worldwide, as well as chronic modern-day ailments such as stress, anxiety, depression, and spiritual emptiness. Therefore, it is essential to reconnect with nature to restore a healthy balance between humans and the natural environment that has given (and continues to give) life. We can only achieve this when we learn to love our Mother Nature as ourselves. We only take care of what we love.


The Ilha Grande, located on the coast of the State of Rio de Janeiro, houses one of the most beautiful and preserved portions of the Atlantic Forest. This ecosystem, rich in biodiversity, provides the perfect setting for our immersion in nature. In addition to its scenic beauty, the Atlantic Forest plays a crucial role in climate regulation, water purification, and providing shelter for a vast variety of flora and fauna species.


Trails in the Atlantic Forest:

Participants will have the opportunity to explore the beauty of the Atlantic Forest through guided hikes along trails that have been established for over three thousand years. During these walks, they can connect with the earth element, appreciate the richness of fauna and flora, and learn about the importance of preserving this ecosystem

Rowing, sailing and snorkeling:

An experience of connection with the water and air elements, where participants can explore the crystal-clear waters of the sea and the rich underwater world of the region, experiencing a sense of harmony with the marine environment. They can also sail through sheltered coves, feeling the sound of the wind and the sea, and enjoying the marvelous view of Ilha Grande.


Workshops on pranayama, breathing exercises that will allow participants to explore the connection with the air element and get to know this tool that nurtures physical and mental health.

Connection Experiences:

Through activities such as yoga practice, outdoor active meditation, sauna and massages, and group dynamics around the campfire—singing and playing instruments, contemplating the sounds of nature—participants will connect with the fire, ether, and water elements, strengthening their bond with nature and their inner selves.

This nature immersion event aims to inspire participants to appreciate and preserve the natural environment, recognizing that, as human beings, we are inherently part of this vast web of life.


We invite everyone to join us on this journey of reconnection with Mother Earth.


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Ilha Grande | Angra dos Reis | RJ | Brazil

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