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Join us and help PRESERVE and REGENERATE our biome for future generations!

ilhagrande sobre
ilhagrande sobre


  • Become a Monthly Donor to Somos Natureza!

By becoming a Monthly Donor of the NGO Somos Natureza, you provide the essential funds for planning our future actions. Your monthly contribution is an ongoing commitment to the preservation of our planet. Choose how much you can contribute each month and become a Guardian of Nature!

  • Make a specific donation

Your help is very welcome! You choose how much you can contribute. Collaborate now with our projects and together we'll make it happen!


Your help is fundamental to boosting our efforts to add to environmental conservation in Brazil. As an independent Civil Society Organization, all funds raised go towards our local missions, directly impacting communities and ecosystems on Ilha Grande.


We rely on the regular and reliable support of amazing people like you to plan and execute effective operations, respond to emergencies and allocate resources where they are needed most. 


At Somos Natureza, we believe that every donation is an important step towards a more sustainable planet.


Be part of the change we want to see.


Your contribution is fundamental to boosting our projects and creating a real impact on the environmental conservation of this PARADISE, recognized as a NATURAL HERITAGE OF HUMANITY by UNESCO.

  • or Become a Volunteer

Contribute to our NGO promoting preservation and sustainability on Ilha Grande, dedicating your time to fulfill the various activities necessary to make our dream come true.

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