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The Sustainable Practices Consultancy (CPS)
of the NGO Somos Natureza aims to assist organizations in adopting environmentally responsible measures, with a focus on environmental conservation and sustainable development.
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In the report below, we present the services provided to Pousada Paraíso Azul Retiro as an example of our work.


Replacement of amenities with plastic-free products - To revolutionize the self-care routine of our guests, we introduced bar amenities with zero plastic, replacing liquid shampoos and conditioners with high-performance waterless formulas, containing the best natural, vegan, and cruelty-free ingredients.

WHY? More than 80% of the volume of your shampoo is water, meaning all those plastic containers serve only to carry water around, contributing to the daily plastic tsunami dumped on our planet.

Paraíso Azul Retiro is one of the first hospitality companies in Brazil to offer bar shampoos and conditioners instead of plastic bottles!



Implementation of mineral water in cartons - One of the main challenges we currently face is plastic pollution in the environment. Considering this issue, our consultancy implemented the replacement of plastic bottles with Cardboard cartons recipient for water at Pousada Paraíso Azul, located in the coastal region of Ilha Grande. Água na Caixa® is reusable (88% renewable, mostly made from plants - 54% paper and 35% green plastic), 100% recyclable, with a cap and top made from sugarcane, paper from certified forests, innovative design, efficient packaging transportation in coils, mapped recycling chain, and certified recyclers.

This action was taken to reduce waste by eliminating plastic bottles, significantly reducing the amount of plastic waste generated by the hotel, contributing to marine life preservation, and minimizing environmental pollution.


Waste Separation and Forwarding for Specific Collection - Another crucial measure for the sustainability of Pousada Paraíso Azul Retiro was the implementation of a waste separation program. Our consultancy assisted in creating a selective collection system, separating recyclable materials, organics, and other waste. The main benefits were:

Landfill Reduction: Proper waste separation allowed a significant portion to be recycled, reducing the amount destined for landfills.

Environmental Awareness: The inn promoted environmental awareness among its staff and guests, encouraging active participation in the waste separation program


Garden for Kitchen Supply  -The NGO Somos Natureza assisted in creating an organic garden within the inn's premises, intended to supply the kitchen. This brought several benefits:

Fresh Organic Food: The inn started offering fresher and healthier food to guests, promoting health and customer satisfaction.

Carbon Footprint Reduction: Local food production reduced the need for vegetables transport, decreasing the inn's carbon footprint.

Environmental education: The garden served as an educational tool, allowing staff and guests to learn about sustainable agriculture.


Reforestation of Native Species -The NGO Somos Natureza also coordinated a reforestation project in the areas surrounding the inn. Reforestation of native species had the following positive impacts:

Biodiversity Preservation: Planting of native species contributed to the preservation of local fauna and flora.

Ecosystem Recovery: Degraded areas were restored, improving the quality of the natural environment.

Community Engagement: The reforestation initiative involved the local community in conservation activities.



Sewer System Renovation - Considering the proximity of the inn to the sand, a preventive renovation of the sewage system was carried out. It included the use of a septic tank and anaerobic filter, along with the construction of a horizontal leach field.



The Sustainable Practices Consultancy of the NGO Somos Natureza takes pride in contributing to the transformation of Pousada Paraíso Azul Retiro into an example of an environmentally responsible enterprise. The implemented measures not only reduced the environmental impact of the inn but also promoted environmental awareness among staff and guests. We believe these practices can serve as a model for other organizations committed to environmental conservation and sustainable development.


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